Wednesday, October 19, 2016

D Wing walls are going up!!

Yesterday marks the official beginning of the construction of the new wings - starting with the metal framing of the walls in the back of the wing.   So exciting to finally be on the other side of demolition.

The view from inside of one of the new classrooms - this is where Lisa Phelps science room used to be
Check out this video from the day!

Click if you can't see "The First D Wing Wall goes up!!

So fun to see what has just been conceptual drawings begin to take shape.   This looks from inside a third classroom out into the future learning commons.  

A pile of door frames waiting to be added next
On the other end of the wing - work continues filling in the old ventilation pit - multiple dumptruck loads of gravel and still about 5 feet to go.

view of the seal put on the old ventilation shafts today
Once the pit is filled in perhaps it will be time for a hoverboard tour - have to be honest I'm still afraid I might seriously hurt myself if I try while I can still fall in.  

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