Sunday, October 30, 2016

Enjoy some of our behavior training videos :-)

One of the challenges of maintaining a positive school climate is helping all of our students learn and remembers what it is to be safe, responsible and respectful throughout the day.   In order to help this happen we have a group dedicated to helping support the social-emotional education program at the school.  They made these two videos that will be shared in each of our primary classes over the next few weeks to help teach and remind our students of our behavior expectations.

The first show how we should be walking through the hallways:

Click here if you can't see MTSS-B Hallway Expectations

The second video shows how we should be behaving in our bathrooms

Click here is you can't see Bathroom Expectations

I know you probably don't need these expectations reinforced yourselves - but thought you would appreciate the levels that our team is going to help assure that our students learn these basic behaviors.   You can catch them live on the video-screen in the SCS foyer all week :-)  

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