Monday, October 31, 2016

Get Out The Vote Shelburne!

The Shelburne / Charlotte Rotary sponsored a "Get Out The Vote" poster contest last week and we are excited to share our two award winning posters.  There will be a follow-up prize of $1000 that will be given to either SCS or CCS based on which community has the highest percentage of registered voters participating in next week's election.  So not only do we want everyone to vote in order to participate in one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities of our democracy, but also because it has the potential to help us better educate great young people like these.

The Grand Prize Winner was a group effort by Sophie, Bi and Maddy from Winton.      
The SCS Grand Prize entry - "Don't Be Sour - The Vote is in Your Power"

 The Second Prize Winner was an individual entry by Matthew from Alpha.  

Early polls are open - I walked into the Shelburne Town Office this afternoon and was able to cast my vote with absolutely no wait.  So whether you carve the time now or next Tuesday - let's "Get Out The Vote" and support SCS.  

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