Friday, October 28, 2016

More walls are up - 5 of 8 classrooms are framed!

So as of Friday night - fully five of the eight new classrooms in the D wing are framed up - so exciting to see the new configuration seemingly leap off the blueprint pages and come together right before our eyes.    The final piece of the new foundation also was wrapped up this week - with the last of ten dumptruck loads of gravel filling the old HVAC pit and then new concrete being poured to make the future classroom floor.   
Spreading the foundation on top of the old pit where the HVAC system once was
This would be standing at the entrance to the second "pod" - looking into the learning commons
The new entrance to the first team pod - walks into the learning commons with 4 classrooms encircling the learning commons

This is near the end wall of the new learning commons - looking into the new maker spaces.  
The team expects that the wing will be entirely framed within a week - that is such a great news.  Enjoy!!

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