Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Skylights and Underslab Pipes - another good week!

Things are continuing on schedule in the D Wing - and Breadloaf was able to wrap up a lingering piece of summer work by installing the skylights in the new library classrooms on Wed when we had our first day without students in a long while.
Even with lights out - plenty of daylight in Mrs. Bennett's room thanks to the new skylight!
The major piece of work in the D Wing right now is filling in the foundation trenches where the drain pipes for the new bathrooms and sinks were laid last week.   Friday the team was ready to pour concrete and next week will continue to fill the pit left behind by the removal of the old 1967 HVAC system.   Here are a few shots of that work:
View from the east wall looking back toward the library - most of trenching on this end is filled
Vapor barrier and rebar are in place on the other end, ready to be filled on Monday
Slowly filling in the 8 foot cavern from the old HVAC system - several tons of fill arriving this week to finish
I gave the PTO a tour of the wing this past week during their meeting, and almost had one young lady convinced that "in the good old days" kids used to be much better behaved because they feared being placed in the the "pit of vipers" (ala Indiana Jones) that used to be here.    She was glad to know we were filling it soon.  

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