Thursday, October 20, 2016

SCS News SKAT interviews Lego Robotics SKAT

When I walked in the library yesterday afterschool I was surprised to find our Lego Robotics team calmly sitting on the couch being interviewed.    Usually this crew is a cacophony of activity - building models, programming, testing designs with the energy you would expect from 5 boys surrounded by thousands of pieces of Lego.
Our 2016 Robocats Lego Robotics Team - in a rare moment of inactivity
What had them sitting?  Another Lego SKAT program we have begun this year is our SCS News Team that is learning how to use video technology to document weekly stories throughout our school.  
Our interview team learning about the work of our robotics team
Inside our Library Makerspace - where Lego happens every week
Our EV3 robots - that soon will be tackling the new FIRST Challenge "Animal Allies"
The team has promised that as they finalize this and other stories over the next few weeks they will share them to share on this blog.  I really look forward to sharing their work.   

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