Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shelburne Farms waterstudies - one field trip this week.

I had a few teachers share some fun photos from classes this week.   We always have at least one or two classes headed off campus to expand their learning on a field trip and this week Winton Science Classes did a field trip to Shelburne Farms as part of their Human Impacts unit.  According to teacher Lisa Phelps, the goal was to learn how SF farm practices effect phosphorus and nitrogen levels in the lake as well as how these impacts are mitigated through intentional wetland restoration.    They will be watching the documentary "What is your watermark?" as a follow-up next week.     
Preparing for some sample collection
Exploring the waterfront
Some testing and interpreting of data from Lake Champlain
No Lula - she can't come back to school with you :-)
Meanwhile back at school - a hard fought game of Spanish Banagrams was unfolding :-)  See the next move?
Still trying to think of a witty connection for that Spanish picture to Lula and her new friend - feel free to share any suggestions in the comments section below since I'm coming up empty.  Just thought it was a cool shot shared by Donia Kelly, especially with the teammates having coordinated pink fingernail polish and sweater sleeves - think it was planned??   

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