Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thanks Instant Images - School Photos going smoothly again this year

School pictures are one of those rites of passage that most of us remember - wearing those nice clothes, getting the hair perfect and then the wondering if this year's picture will once again catch us mid-blink right and having to wait a month to know what it looked like?  Well two out of three of those are present in our library this week but what a difference to see an instant preview of the picture on the display screen and within four minutes a complete packet ready to go.   We are excited to have Doug and Michelle Bergstrom from Instant Images providing our school photos again this year.   Here are a few shots to show where your shots came from :-)

Doug helping get the pose all set

Nancy Nakleh's class awaiting their turn on the hot seat
Framing and taking the perfect shot - smile!

Checking the preview and then it's off to the high-res printers

The whole set-up fits in a corner of the library
If by chance your child missed their photo day or you would like a retake, these will take place on Tues Nov. 8.     Class photos will be made as a composite of all the individual shots and these will be available a few weeks after the retakes are complete to assure that we have everyone in the photos.  

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