Monday, October 3, 2016

The Fan Room is going, going . . . gone!

If you are the parent of a middle school student (especially Winton whose classrooms are right next to the soon to be new D Wing, you may have heard that construction was a bit loud today.   Not much choice but lots of banging, sawing and hammering to remove the 300 sq. ft mechanical fan room that for 50 years has been the HVAC system for the entire wing but after about 8 hours it has been reduced to a pile of aluminum and steel bound for the recycler.  All that is left is an 8 foot deep pit that will be filled this week to become the floor of our new classrooms.   Here are a few pictures of this final piece of demolition.   
Like an iceberg - this top part was really just the beginning - the real heavy guts lay below
Click here if you can't see "Heavy duty demolition"

Physics 101 - a simple block & tackle plus some lever force = a couple tons of fan motor up and out
Here's the 8 foot deep pit that is left behind 
This pile of old ducting reminds me of the limbs from Omnidroid in the Incredibles movie - be fun to play with if they weren't full of fiberglass and 50 years of dust:-)
The periscope from below - only weighs about 800 pounds
The periscope plus everything else as the recycling pile grows - off to the metalworks within a couple days!
Looking ahead we are now ready to begin the exciting work of building a new wing.  This week the pipes will be laid and trenches filled, and then waiting in the wings are electrical, mechanical and framing crews ready to start building classrooms.   Can't wait to share that work!   

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