Friday, October 7, 2016

Underground plumbing almost complete - walls soon to come!

Demolition of the interior of the old D Wing open classrooms was wrapped up on Monday, meaning that all the walls, ducting, electrical system and flooring has been stripped away.   It's hard to even imagine that just a month ago this huge space was exactly like the E Wing where over 200 middle schoolers have classes every day.  
Looking back towards the library from the back wall that used to be in the Alpha Project Room
First order of business has been to get the under-foundation plumbing for sinks and bathrooms in - after which it can all be buried and covered with a new foundation.  As soon as that is done this week I'm told the framers are going to make quick work of putting up walls so that we can begin to see the new classrooms, learning commons and project room begin to come together.  
May not be pretty but this toilet drain is pretty critical to the wing design :-)
Filling in the old underslab ductwork with concrete - whole new window sets are part of the plan
First we backfill with the dirt then up to 7 inches of concrete to provide the new foundation

On the roof - work is almost done above this new D Wing assuring that we won't have to worry about leaks on top of these new classrooms.   Great news is that bids are in and contractors chosen, and the entire project continues to be on-budget and onschedule for these new classroom to be ready for teachers to move in during February break 2017.   Keep up the great work Breadloaf!!   

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