Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Way to Go SCS CC with "Way to Go!"

Way To Go Challenge - By Matthew Ireland and Mrs. Mo

Last week concluded the SCS Cross Country Team's two week initiative to reduce carbon emissions as a school. At the conclusion of week one, SCS had saved 21,441.9 pounds of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere. We had 538 participants. The goal of the challenge was to save 500,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide across the state.

At the conclusion of week two SCS had saved 39,735.7 pounds of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Out of the 51 schools that participated SCS accumulated the highest score of 30,306 points. Thanks to all who participated. We feel that this merely represents the myriad of ways our community makes healthy choices every day. Thank you to all students and staff for doing your part to commute sustainably for two weeks! Stay tuned to see if we won the solar tracker!

The Cross Country "ringleaders" behind their Way to Go Challenge - great work team!
Results from the 2 week challenge - SCS is first out of 51 schools!  Way to go everyone!

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