Sunday, November 13, 2016

A few pictures from the Week

In the spirit of the season - what am I thankful for this week?   High on my list is a school full of dynamic teachers and learners who always seem to have something new to share as I walk through the hallways.    Here are just a few of things that were highlights this past week:

Our second session of Math Circles with Chris Danforth (UVM Professor of Mathematics) and John Madden (SCS Math Coordinator) gathered an energetic crew to explore non-periodic flow.  Don't know what that is?   Bet any of these five girls would be happy to explain it to you :-)

Thanks to John Madden for sharing this picture from Math Circles
I was listening to a podcast this week that extolled the virtues of journaling as a means to help us make better decisions and be less stressed / more mindful in our current situations - and that was targeting Principals.   So maybe this group of pre-school EEE students are in training to be future school administrators as they journal in our outdoor classroom?
Thanks to Shelley Henson for sharing this picture from a EEE outdoor classroom experience
In a kindergarten class I found three guest presenters sharing their experiences from walking to school, extolling the virtues of getting up early in the morning and the problem solving (such as crossing the LaPlatte) that can be involved in any adventure.   Love to see this multiage interaction - one of the many benefits of our K-8 configuration

If you wander into the music wing midday on Wed or Friday, you will find our band room packed full of more than sixty fourth and fifth graders learning to sing and perform as part of the chorus program led by Amy Southworth.  Can't wait to hear their first concert - sounded great already!

A quick trip across the hallway found sixth graders working on their first rhythmic composition using a program called noteflight.   Their goals is to develop two or more related rhythms that combine into one complex composition.    Need a fun example to help understand (I did) - when I asked a student they explained it by sharing this video:    Potter Puppet Tales

In Lisa Phelp's science class I walked in on a "Scientist's Meeting" - a regular time for students to share their early understanding and work on a project such as this model of the flow of phosphorus through the Shelburne Farms Ecosystem.  It was powerful to hear the collaborative sharing / questioning - all with the goal of improving not only this draft model that was being shared, but everyone's work and understanding.  

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Certainly these walkthroughs reinforced that there are great things happening all the way from our 4 year olds to our middle school students.  Hope you enjoyed this week's glimpse!  

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