Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gym Roof Starts and D Roof final steps

If you have driven through the front circle this week you might have noticed that work has begun on replacing the roof above the cafeteria and gyms - what we affectionately call the "A Wing."   In order to protect our students from the work we have temporarily put up chain link fence to separate any of our playground from the construction zone.   Of course roof work is always weather dependent but we hope to have this portion wrapped up by December.
Everybody is into wall building these days - this is our latest addition at SCS
The new roof insulation arrives - actually two tractor trailer loads just to cover the gym and cafeteria

Jobs sure go easier when you have the right tools - imagine piece by piece up / down a ladder :-(   
Meanwhile back on the D Wing end of the project, work is flying along as well.    The walls continue to go up and as of Tuesday the framing was about 75% finished and sheetrock was arriving.    Electricians and plumbers have also been hard at work putting in all that infrastructure that we soon will hide away.   
That's the new hallway on the left and we are looking into the new learning commons
One final piece of demolition was roof structure that supported the upper air system above the huge fan system that was pulled out a couple weeks ago.  That was torn apart this week and the resulting whole filled in to finalize this section of the roof.   
Removal of the old "penthouse" that used to house all of the upper mechanical system
The view from inside - looking up at our new hole in the roof
For most of us in the school - it just seems like nothing is happening.   Here is a timelapse video of 6 hours of work Tuesday compressed into 26 seconds - the D Wing is literally a buzzing beehive of activity as things continue to move along smoothly for our scheduled February 2017 move-in date!

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