Friday, November 4, 2016

Love that Salsa - taste test results are in!!

So you might have heard from your son or daughter about our salsa making and taste tests - highlighting some of the vegetables that were grown in our school gardens this past year.   Our primary classes have been instrumental during this project - helping us at every stage from harvesting to prepping to - of course - eating!
Harvesting some peppers last month

Learning how to seed and cut up those same peppers

Most importantly giving the final salsa product a taste test with chips - looks like thumbs up!

So what were the results of the taste test?  From the K-5 teachers that responded with the results of their class's salsa preference, there were a total of 129 students. 101 preferred the fresh salsa and 28 preferred the canned salsa.

From the 6-8 teachers that responded with the results of their class's salsa preference, there were a total of 147 students. 129 preferred the fresh salsa and 18 preferred the canned salsa.

As an entire school, therefore, based on classes that responded, the results were that from 276 students trying both types of salsa, 230 or 83.3%, preferred Becky's salsa made in part with tomatoes and peppers from the SCS FEED gardens! 46 students, or 16.6%, preferred the canned salsa.   

The results will now be shared in classes - with a comparison to show that even though the ingredients are similar to the processed salsa, using fresh vegetables adds a big difference in taste!     Here are the ingredients of Becky's homemade salsa:
Tomatoes, onions, green peppers, crushed red pepper, canning salt, white vinegar, sugar, garlic salt, chili powder, black pepper, cumin, corn starch,water; 

Comparatively, the ingredients of the canned salsa are:
Tomato puree, tomatoes, onions, green pepper, distilled vinegar, corn starch, dehydrated garlic, citric acid, calcium chloride, natural flavor, spice

This project serves two purposes - one to help students understand the origins of the foods that end up on their plates at school and home, and also to appreciate the multiple benefits of fresh foods.    We want to thank our FEED Coordinator Erica Frey-Delaportes and our Food Service Director Becky Mashak for all the hard work that goes into making a project like this work for 800+ hungry students and teachers.     Kale chip taste test will be next, 11/16 at lunchtime!

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