Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Highlights from yesterday's MS Band and Chorus Concert

Some of our most poignant experiences come in situations where we are asked to demonstrate our skills, ability and progress in front of a genuine audience - a true celebration of learning.   One example of this is when we offer the opportunity for our young musicians and vocalists to put on a public performance and yesterday our 6th grade chorus, 7th and 8th grade Concert Chorus, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble treated our student body and community to a couple great concerts.
Our Concert Chorus led by Christina Kelsh performs for the entire middle school in an assembly yesterday 
The Symphonic Band conducted by Tim Buckingham also played a piece for their peers

The opening piece in both the student concert as well as the evening performance was a wonderful Zambian Folk Song performed by the combined 6-8th grade chorus.   Here is a video that I hope at least captures a little of the spirit of this wonderful performance.

Hearing the Symphonic Band which is primarily our 6th / 7th grade band in the fall is such a treat since it highlights how quickly students can grow from raw beginners to musicians.   Hard to believe that just a year ago many of these students in the video performing Glorioso had never before picked up their instrument.    Hope you enjoy this piece.

Click here if you can't see "SCS Symphonic Band performs Glorioso"

The concert concluded with our 8th grade Wind Ensemble, and I am always impressed at just how much growth these students have been able to collectively achieve in the space of just a few years.   The concert this year opened with a really challenging, modern piece called Particles - including complex rhythms, harmonies and even asks for some real risk-taking of unusual sounds from everyone.   Definitely a powerful piece to see live - hope that some of that comes through with this video.  

Click if you can't see SCS Wind Ensemble performs Particles

Looking ahead - here are some upcoming concerts you might want to put on your calendar -
March 14 - Concert Band, Stage Band & Small Ensemble Concert
March 31 - Cabaret Night fundraiser
May 4 - Spring Choral Concert
May 9 - Wind Ensemble, Stage Band concert
May 23 - Concert Band / Symphonic Band concert

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