Friday, November 4, 2016

Student Created PSA's - this one on VT School Funding

In their study of the upcoming elections, students in the Winton Humanities classes have been studying the major issues identified by the candidates in the Vermont Governor's Race.   They researched the topics, explored various candidate positions and worked to create their own public service announcements that they felt might be an effective means to raise public awareness of the issue they felt was one of the most important in next week's election.  The classes then used an online polling system to view and rank all twenty five videos created by their peers.  Over the next week I will be sharing a few of the top PSA's based on student voting - hope you appreciate this one about School Funding in VT.   (Editorial Note - this was approached from a statewide perspective - wishing other communities were as supportive of education as Shelburne has been - case in point our rapidly progressing $9.25 renovation project.)

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