Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thankful to be a K-8 School - photos of our collaboration

I've told the story many times about moving here seven years ago from Alaska with a 6th grader, 3rd grade and a kindergartner, and wondering about educational thinking behind combining them all into a PK-8 school.    Everything I read and saw told me SCS was a great school and yet because I had experienced the craziness of middle schools in Alaska I still had my doubts about putting my 5 year old daughter in a classroom right next store to a room full of 14/15 year old adolescents.   Personally and professionally it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it has turned me into a strong advocate willing to go to the mat to maintain all of the positives I see in the K-8 model.  

So this week my picture goal was to find examples of multi-age collaboration in action.  It wasn't hard to find - since this past Friday was a Mix-It-Up day, where classes are intentionally paired across the school and come together for team-building / fun activities.   From collecting kale for taste tests, cookie decorating, snowflake making (for December hallway and dance decorations), game playing, and craft activities it was simple to find examples of that powerful multiage collaboration in action.   Enjoy and hopefully you too include being part of our wonderful PK-8 school community as something you are thankful for as you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation.  

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