Saturday, November 26, 2016

Video Tour of D Wing - latest updates

If you have five minutes to spare and would like to get a walk-through of the new renovation - this week's post is just for you!   This Wednesday at the end of the construction day I took a walkthrough with my ipad and it should give everyone interested a real sense of how things are coming together.   Still a ton of work to be done - but with sheetrock going up it really is starting to look and feel like some of the renderings that were are only real picture when this work started almost six months ago.

Here is the video:
Click here if you can't see "Thanksgiving D Wing Tour"

It probably will help to share this schematic as well - this is the overhead view of the layout for the D Wing (E Wing will be the mirror image that we will start in March once the D Wing is complete).   The video began in the upper left corner of this schematic, moved all the way down that upper corridor and then through the classrooms / central learning commons spaces returning to that corner.  

Here are also a few still shots taken the same day - 
Still a ton of HVAC ducting to be hung 

This will be the new corridor wall - with a couple bathrooms and an office at the far end

The learning commons space - looking towards the learning lab that will be central for both teams

Classrooms starting to come together - the blue sheetrock is heavy duty to hopefully last for decades without dings
Looking back up the corridor towards the library, standing by the entrance to one of the two team areas
If you'd like to see things for yourself - we do always offer a brief walkthrough after our monthly PTO meeting.   This month that will be on Tuesday December 13 from 6-7 PM.   Come join us for our monthly discussion of all things SCS and then join us for a tour.    If you can't make it - hopefully these posts also are good to help everyone stay on top of the exciting progress.    

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