Sunday, December 4, 2016

8th Grade Arts / Citizenship Exposition and Gallery opens Tuesday PM - stop by and enjoy!

If you missed the Craft School 8th Grade Gallery this past week - you have another chance to see some of the great student work growing from their independent Arts and Citizenship classtime.   Beginning on Tuesday afternoon and continuing throughout the week the C Wing hallway (where our Kindergartners, Art, Music, Band and Chorus all live) will be filled with the products from student time at the Shelburne Craft School as well as school-based products from their independent art time and some community service projects.    The "official" gallery opening will be Tuesday afternoon from 3-4 PM - but the work will continue to be on display for at least the next week.   We hope you can find a moment to stop by and enjoy - here are a few pictures from the Craft School to hopefully build your interest.   
Some unique pottery projects - both from the wheel but also some slabs and even Raku fired pieces

A few of the stained glass mosaics as well as more pottery and some hand carved wooden utensils
A coupld more mosaics and some great wheel pottery still waiting to be fired

More wood projects, wheel pottery and a great example of a slab created containeer

This student really explored the layering / compressing of slabs and imprinting designs with some real unique creations

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