Sunday, December 4, 2016

Another week of construction progress!

As we near the halfway point of the D Wing renovation, much of the work is now on those details that will ultimately be hidden behind the walls and ceilings.   This week that includes taping / mudding several thousand square feet of sheet rock, installing the steelwork to support the rooftop HVAC units, insulating ductwork, prepping window openings, creating the HVAC system, running water / drain lines and installing / testing literally miles of wiring for outlets, technology, fire safety and sound to assure everything works as planned.  Most importantly - the D Wing  is still on schedule to open for students on March 6! Here are few pictures to highlight what we have been seeing this week.

Dennis White Interiors has already begun the taping / mudding - painting won't be far behind!
Not much to look at - but that new steel will keep our new HVAC on the roof!  
Making sure our hot / cold air stays where we want it means insulating all the ducting - thanks Sheetmetal Specialities 
Moving that air from the roof cavity down to where we need it - we'll be glad these terminal units are in place!

Any James Taylor fans? - "Up on the Roof" - Monaghan is just about done with the A Wing, glad to beat the snow!

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