Sunday, December 4, 2016

Community Service in Action - Below Zero Fundraising Dance with Williston

Twelve weeks ago we gathered together a group of 8th graders and presented them with a challenge - what could they do that could demonstrate their abilities to "contribute positively to their community" - a key element of our SCS / CVSD mission statement.   Creating a community service project is one part of a class for all eighth graders called Arts and Citizenship - and Emma, Bi, Eva, Ava, Lula, Madison and Jasmine teamed up and decided that they wanted to create a fundraiser for a nonprofit called ccThrive which is dedicated to helping survivors of youth cancer lead rich and fulfilling lives (for more info check out this link: ).  

Supersounds kept the house rocking and the lasers flashing all night 
Homemade brownies and cookies along with some other not so homemade options provided even more energy

If you needed a break from noise or dancing - ping pong and foosball were always an option
So what did they create?  This past Friday night over 250 middle school students from Shelburne and Williston came together for a fantastic evening of music, dancing, games and food - all organized and created through the vision of these young ladies.   It is with great pride that we share that this groups efforts will allow them to donate over $600 to ccThrive and also made for a wonderful experience of inter-school bonding for students from SCS and WCS.    A special thank you goes out to Archies and Chef Lu's - both restaurants provided special incentives for Williston parents that got them dinner at a great price, added a donation to the cause and helped make the cross-county drive worth their time.    Thanks for a great night everyone - not sure many middle schools could confidently bring hundreds of their students together and have the biggest worry be whether we are going to run out of Slushie cups.   We truly are blessed with great students and families - it was a fun night to be a part of!  

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