Saturday, December 10, 2016

D Wing slowly and surely coming together!

The D Wing continues to be a hub of activity and slowly it is beginning to form into what promises to be a great learning center for our middle school students for years to come.    We are looking forward to window work which should start this week - not only will it lighten things up significantly but should really let us see what things are going to look like.  Can't wait!   If you would like a walk-through, just come join us for our monthly PTO meeting at 6 on Tuesday Dec. 13 - for the the rest of the year we will end at 7 with an opportunity for a sneak peak behind the wall barrier.   Here are few pictures of the work in progress this past week.  
Finalizing the framing for the new windows - just about ready to go.  

The big HVAC work has been the terminal units in each of the spaces

Here is some more of the Cooper Mechanical team working on those terminal boxes
Still lots of sheetrock to be hung

Coming right behind the hangers is the team that gets to do the taping / mudding of all the seams

Looking straight down the new corridor - certainly easy to see things take shape.   

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