Sunday, December 11, 2016

Follow-up video from the "Making Sense of Jumprope and PBL" parent workshop

On Nov. 30 CSSU Director of Learning and Innovation Jeff Evans, Scott Thompson from Tarrant Institute, SCS Technology Integrationist Jeff Badillo and SCS Middle School Co-Principal Allan Miller teamed up to present a technology workshop designed to help our Middle School families better understand our new reporting software called Jumprope and the shift to Proficiency Based Learning (PBL) that is taking place across all of Vermont in response to Act 77. By the end of next week every middle school teacher will have implemented Jumprope and sent out their first learning target reports, and on Dec. 22 we will distribute our first report summarizing proficiency around the five transferable standards that CVU will be using for graduation standards beginning with the class of 2020 (current 9th graders).

We've summarized much of the evening's information into this video / screencast - especially the portions explaining the reports parents will be receiving and how to access the new Jumprope parent portal. I'm doubtful it will go viral (although Jeff did do a nice job of embedding some music behind our great dialogue) - but do hope that it is a helpful investment of 9 minutes for any of you unable to attend or who could use a refresher.

Click here if you can't see Making Sense of Jumprope Reports and the Parent Portal

SCS K-5 families will still receive the standards based report cards that were introduced two years ago - they will be sent out at the end of the semester on January 27, 2017.   At this point there has been no conversation about shifting our primary / intermediate grades to the Jumprope system - the information in the screencast only applies to students in grades 6, 7 and 8 at SCS right now.  However the principles of proficiency based learning - with a focus on learning targets, scales and clearly sharing student proficiencies related to these scales  -  is definitely work that is underway in all of our classrooms.    Our hope is that PBL will help everyone - especially students - better understand what they are supposed to know, understand and do as a result of their time in classes.  

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