Sunday, December 4, 2016

Haven't checked the lost and found? Trimester clean-out is at the end of this week!

As you can imagine in a school of 750 students, there are alot of miscellaneous items that show up in random corners of the building having been abandoned by their young owners.  

A snapshot of today's collection in the SCS Lost and Found
In the hopes of eventually reconnecting things with their owners we keep an ongoing lost and found collection in the corner of the foyer by the main office.    Classroom teachers often are really helpful in reuniting your child with their mitten or hat, but if we simply don't know the owner this is where these lonely items are initially placed.

However in order to keep from being overrun with piles of forgotten school gear, we do regularly go through and make donations to other schools to share with students in need.    As we approach the holiday break, it is time for our first purge of the year.   Our "lost and found" coordinator extraordinaire Sue Schaefer has sorted through and bagged the items that have been languishing in the lost and found for at least a month, leaving in the front foyer only the items that it appears were lost within the last couple of weeks before break (still quite a bit of stuff out there!).  The older stuff is currently stored on a cart in the back hallway by the kitchen.  We will keep this older material through Friday, Dec. 9th for those parents that would like to come take one more look for items lost.   If you want to do this, please check in with Esther at the front desk and she will point you in the right direction.  

This back hallway collection will then be shared with the guidance and social work staff at Champlain School. Our previous CoPrincipal Allegra Miller has connections with there and has let us know that some families there in dire need of much of what we have accumulated.  We don't distribute our lost and found items within our own school since this might lead to an embarrassing situation where someone sees their missing shirt or jacket being worn around by little "Allan" - a confusing situation we definitely want to avoid.   After this week Allegra will take the clothing home, launder it and distribute.  Other schools receiving items during later culling will be Hinesburg and Winooski, both of which also have many needs.  It is another example of "it takes a village", albeit an unusual one!   Although I know having things lost is one of those frustrations of parenting, we do at least want to assure everyone that our lost and found items do eventually find very grateful homes, filling needs that would otherwise go unmet!

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