Saturday, December 17, 2016

The New Windows Are Being Installed!!

One important part of the renovation is that we are replacing 45 single pane windows with some beautiful new windows that not only look and function better, but also are much more energy efficient than the 1967 models.    Today we finally received the precast sills so work began immediately installing the windows - and they look great!  
Interior of our new windows, at -3 even this ex-Alaskan wasn't excited to go out today for an exterior shot - next week :-) 
Here is a 30 second timelapse of our first installation:

Click here is you can't see Windows are going into the D Wing!

Also this week - work began on installing the HVAC rooftop unit and painting has begun on the far east end while sheetrock continues to go up on the west (the library end).   Here are a few more pictures to share the continued progress - going to be an exciting month of January as things really come to completion in time for the February break move-in.   Then round 2 in the E Wing :-)
Starting a soffet installation in the Learning Commons 
Looking into the Learning Lab from the Learning Commons

Looking down the hallway towards the library - dozens of windows ready for install

Looking out of a classroom into the learning commons - coat one of the accent wall paint is on

Wrapping up the sheetrock in the classroom next to the library corridor

More sheetrock work in a classroom in the team space nearest the library

Looking from the Learning Commons down the connection between the two team spaces - with learning lab on the left

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