Sunday, December 18, 2016

SCS Cafeteria Update - The Snack Cart

Over the past few months, many questions have come up regarding the snack cart which is offered to all students in grades 1-8 during lunch.  The "snack cart", or "a la carte", contains all FDA approved snacks and is available to students after they have gone through the lunch line.  All students are periodically reminded to eat their lunch before opening their snack.  Students who bring lunch from home are asked to first enjoy their lunch.  Then they are permitted to purchase a snack when all students purchasing lunch have gone through the line.  The cart is available for 20 out of the 30 minute lunch period.  It is removed for the last 10 minutes to allow students to finish any food they already have in front of them.

Two separate carts are offered.  One is strictly for middle school students, and contains more chip options. The other is for grades 1-5, and offers more cracker and granola type snacks and an occasional homemade muffin or oatmeal breakfast cookie.  In the past, we have tried to only allow students to purchase off the cart for 10 minutes of their lunch time, hoping this would provide them with more time to eat their lunch. However, given the large numbers of students who wanted snacks, this prevented those students with enough time to make their purchase and eat their snack.  Therefore, we resumed a 20 minute snack cart window.

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