Friday, January 13, 2017

5th Grade Activity Night - good fun for all

Three or four times each year out 5th grade student leadership council sponsors an activity night for all of their classmates.   This night the cafeteria and gyms were rocking with the energy of over sixty students enjoy some good food, games and fun with each other.   A huge thank you goes out to both our student organizers as well as sponsor John Madden who regularly meets with these students and guides them in their development of leadership skills through service projects such as these evenings.   Enjoy a few pictures from the night.
Mr. Madden and members of the 5th grade leadership council
A quick plan for the evening and then the fun begins
Dodgeball, soccer and over the rainbow seemed to be the hit games of the night

No party is complete without some good eats!

$3 gets you entry and a smile - note the fancy palm trees at the gate :-)

Game of foosball anyone?

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