Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A surprising host of revolutionaries visit SCS :-)

If you had been in the SCS cafeteria this afternoon - you would have joined 120 sixth and seventh graders kicking off a Winton / Holden interdisciplinary unit exploring Revolution.   Unbelievably - King George, Thomas Paine, Vladimir Lenin, Antonio Villareal, Frida Khalo, Fidel Castro and a suffragette all showed up to share a piece of their revolutionary leadership with our students.  

King George leads a "You'll be back" sing-along from Hamilton
Assembly organizer Mr. Brunvand is interrupted by a suffragette demanding women's right to vote
Thomas Paine explains the American Crisis

Fidel Castro shares his thoughts on the Cuban Revolution

Atonio Villareal (looking amazingly like Princess Leia) evokes the Mexican Revolution

Vladimir Lenin calls for workers to arise for the Soviet Revolution

Artist Frida Khalo expresses her desire revolution through her painting

What comes next - students will now embark on a comparative study of many of the influential revolutions from history - possibly including:

Their mission - to develop a project explaining the influence of their revolution that will be shared at a culminating event to be held at the end of February.

So stay tuned - and if you happen to be the parent of a Winton / Holden 6th or 7th grader - we hope you will be hearing alot about revolution over the coming month!   

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