Sunday, January 29, 2017

A week in the life of elementary students

It's always amazing to see the different ways our students learn and grow as they move through the grades.  Enjoy!

Mrs. Hazen's class listening to a story about anglerfish

They were able to explain the word bioluminescent when describing the fish!  What a great vocabulary word for Kindergarten students!

Kindergarteners are making underwater creatures for their Under the Sea unit presentation

more fish
First graders act out a story during Reader's Theatre.  They liked their production so much, they insisted on acting it out a second time, changing the character they would narrate!

Ms. Blair's class gathering to share their stories about "life in the old days"

Our third graders were treated to a visit by meteorologist Tom Messner from WCAX
Do you know that the actual screen that Tom uses to display the weather map is just a plain green screen without any images?  The images are projected off two televisions that he looks at as a reference.  If you know a third grader, ask them why the color of the screen was changed from blue to green over the last few years.

Ask another third grader about the costume Tom wore when he visited the Echo Museum!
Students in Ms. Niles' third grade learned the art of weaving from one of our parent volunteers.
They learned that 'warp' is the structure and 'weft' is the piece of yarn you are moving.  Did you know that weaving is a skill that humans have performed for over 10,000 years throughout the world?

Thanks for your help, Bradie!

Grade 4 students are studying United States geography

and using Google Classroom to create a travel log of an imaginary vacation they designed
and enjoying it!
A fourth grader sharing her pizza fractions project with classmates
Mrs. Tetreault's class analyzing the growth of bacteria

from samples they have grown in petri dishes, with and without the addition of an antibacterial agent.

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