Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another great week of renovation work!

Things continue to move along smoothly and swiftly with the D Wing renovation - all the new windows are in, every piece of sheetrock is up and the taping / mud work is nearly done.  This week some HVAC control systems were put in and the cabling that will provide students and teachers with their technology access began to be pulled.   Underfoot a waterproof coating is being installed in preparation for flooring and above the ceiling grid is just awaiting some final mechanical work before lights can begin to be installed.    Above the roof things are just about done on the B Wing - and the rest will wait until spring with the exception of some small pieces connected with skylights and HVAC for the D Wing.   Hope you enjoy a few pictures - especially this nice shot of our Project Manager Tom Barden showing that he not only can supervise our project, but his grand-daughter's lego house as well - man of many talents!!   Happy New Year everyone!

One of our new bathrooms - getting prepped for some tile

This will be the new hallway wall - with the temp wall on the left 

Five new sinks were delivered for the K classrooms we renovated this summer

Hundreds of feet of data cable will be strung over the next couple weeks

The beginning of our HVAC control system

Floors getting prepped in the new learning commons
Setting up one of the new D Wing skylights above the learning commons

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