Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cabinets and LED Lights - looking more like classrooms everyday!

So the big progress this week was the installation of all of our cabinetry by Nor'Easter Installations.   We also continued to put in the ceiling grids and even began installation of some of the LED lighting as well as some tiling of the four bathrooms in the wing.    Here are a few pictures to highlight another great week of progress - about one month and counting until we move in and looking better everyday!
The Holden Learning Commons - student cubbies will be right below those storage cabinets - love the skylight!

This will be Diana Rich's room - great storage for teaching materials and even a bench seat in front of the new windows

This will be Devon Morrill's science classroom - complete with a sink and storage area to support prepping for lessons

Out in the Alpha learning commons - just nice large storage for team supplies and teaching materials

This is one wall of the learning lab - with fantastic storage for all manner of supplies to support project based learning

This is the view as you walk into the Holden Learning Commons - with ceiling grid coming together and lights soon 

Outside of those windows with the brick / sill all complete and the framing ready for installing the siding above the windows

The opposite side of the learning lab will include a couple sinks - and some window to bring light in from the corridor

Our team from Nor'Easter Installations made quick work of getting the cabinetry in place

It's flooring time - New England Flooring began with tile work this week with everything else soon to follow

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