Tuesday, January 17, 2017

D Wing floors are clear - time for a hoverboard tour

So one of my favorite afterschool toys has been languishing in the closet while the new wing was filled with piles of construction materials - but finally this past week we wrapped up the floor sealing and it was possible to retest my skills on the hoverboard.   
Wide corridors, open classrooms, no doors - perfect test run environment!
Fortunately we made the hallway plenty wide - and it only took four or five trips in that safe space before I was ready to take you all on our first tour of 2017.  Hope you enjoy - the wing is looking great and with our countdown just more than a month - it really is easy to imagine how March is going to bring this exciting renovation to life!

 Click here if you can't see Hoverboard Tour of D Wing

Here are also a few static photos of the ongoing work - coming this week, tile in the bathrooms and some cabinetry in all of the spaces - can't wait to share again towards the end of the week.

Outside the framing for the metal siding above the new windows is just about complete
Some of the LED light fixtures have begun to be installed in that grid
The soffit for the classroom skylight is being framed in 
The suspended ceiling grid is beginning to take shape
Looking down the corridor from the playground end of the wing back towards the library

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