Thursday, January 26, 2017

Exciting new partnership with Shelburne Museum begins!

This week our Holden 8th grade was invited to Shelburne Museum to begin some on-site research around their American Dream unit with teachers Diana Rich and Eric Brunvand.  

Working in collaboration with museum historians, the students looked at how the museum collection represents the "American Dream" and began to develop thesis statements for further research.  
Another group's thinking on similar themes
Over the coming weeks the students will walk back to the museum for another two visits - exploring exhibit halls and accessing their special research library located in the new Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education.  

Snowglobe of student notes from day one defining how the American Dream might be seen

This is the first time that any student group has been given access to their research archives - we are so excited about the possibilities this new partnership has the potential to bring!  

What an incredible resource to have in our backyard - thanks for opening the door for us Shelburne Museum!

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