Saturday, January 7, 2017

Heavy Lifting at SCS This Week

I have always had a love for heavy equipment - and so when the crane showed up to lift the rooftop HVAC unit onto the D Wing Friday it was all I could do not to ask for a ride along.   I settled for a front row seat as the team placed one of the wings last major pieces in place.
Barrett's - thanks for the lift.
A ground view of what was delivered to the roof
Underneath the roof things continue to move right along - our first electrical outlets were wired this week, the paint on the walls is nearly complete and the floors are completely sealed.  Coming this week is some ceramic tile on the floor and lights / ceiling grid over head.   Every day it is easier to imagine that in just two short months this second phase of this long awaited renovation will be open for business!    Enjoy a few more shots of the progress.
The painting continues - here is the progress in the learning commons

Moving from holes in the wall to actual outlets - progress :-)

Prepping the learning commons floor for moisture sealing

Almost done on the B Wing roof insulation and membrane

Starting to install the ceiling grid -  nothing like stilts to save time

Insulating above the windows in preparation for the metal siding

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