Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Love our SKAT Lego Robotics Program

Anyone walking through our library regularly afterschool has certainly noticed that on many days there is a gathering of energy in the corner - a group of middle schoolers creating and testing some pretty cool lego creations.

 This week I happened to have a free moment to pause and really check it out - and was honestly amazed at the work this group has been doing.

Currently they are creating robots to accomplish various challenges such as this video - designed to write Anders name on the tabletop (it's OK - it's a whiteboard table in case you are worried!).

Click if you can't see "Writing Robot"

How does this all happen? - over the past few years this group has been inspired by the energy of Devon Morrill, but this year a new volunteer came forward.   Rick Lunt - pictured below working on his own "candy launcher" creation, has been a powerful addition to our afterschool team - offering the insights he has learned as an engineer and business owner to help our young scientists quickly become proficient in both creating and programming.     We and his team are so thankful for all of his time and energy!

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