Monday, January 30, 2017

Parenting Workshop for K-4 - This Wednesday 6:30 at Charlotte CS

Charlotte Central School and Shelburne Community School are pleased to present a free workshop for parents:

Growing Authentic and Confident Kids
with Me Power
(for parents with children in grades K-4)
DATE: 2.1.17
TIME: 6:30-8:30

Is your child struggling with difficult friend(s), mean behaviors, or bullying?
Is your child having a challenging time with making friends, or making sense of confusing friendships?

ME Power:ThePower2Be
Be You. Be Real. Be Your True Self.

Deb Chisholm’s Me Power:ThePower2Be is an innovative program that she created to help children feel and be confident, even under stress. Children working with her have learned that knowing they have Me Power, and how to use their Me Power, makes all the difference in challenging situations, especially bullying.

During this 2-hour interactive workshop you will learn:
·         the 3 main principles of Me Power
·         the 3 core components of MP
·         how Me Power makes a difference in kids’ lives, especially when dealing with mean behaviors, including bullying

**All participants will leave with an action plan to put their learning into practice right away!**

Please click here to register: REGISTER FOR ME POWER!

Or contact:
CCS K-4 School Counselor – Vicki Nelson 425-6631
SCS K-4 School Counselor – Katie Tyler 383-1103

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