Sunday, January 22, 2017

Planning a trip of a couple weeks - please use these forms to let SCS know

Extended Leave of Absence for Students

Tomorrow marks our 78th school day! Hard to believe, isn't it! K-5 report cards will be distributed on Friday, 2/3/17. Before you know it, February vacation will arrive! As you finalize plans, please be reminded of our procedures for Extended Absences.

Daily attendance to school is essential to the academic success and workplace preparation of all Shelburne Community School students. Occasionally a student has an extraordinary opportunity that necessitates an extended absence from school. For this reason, families and students may request up to 15 consecutive days of pre-planned, extended absences, according to Vermont State Law (T.16§1123). In order for an extended absence to be considered an excused absence, there must be efforts to incorporate educational activities that support the objectives that are occurring in the lessons that will be missed. The primary responsibility lies with the parents to know the instructional objectives missed during the absence, and to complete comparable work by the assigned due dates. Teachers will work with families to support their efforts to maintain academic progress in spite of the instructional time that will be missed. 

Before taking your child out of school, please complete the K-5 Extended Absence Procedure/Form or the Middle School Extended Absence Procedure/Form and submit it to either Pati Beaumont (K-5) or Allan Miller (6-8) for approval.  

Even though this signed approval ensures these days are approved, all days are counted when we send letters home to families when a student is absent for 5, 10, 15 and 20 days of school.  After 10 days of absence, we may request a meeting with families to make a plan for the student to improve their attendance.  If we know the child has been on an extended leave, this plan may not be necessary.
It is important to remember that ANY absence counts. The school does not have a choice in how it counts days. If the student misses school, it is an absence.

More detailed information can be found on pages 13-15 of the 2016-2017 Parent Handbook.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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