Monday, February 20, 2017

K-5 Last week included a snow day, a Special Visitor at Lunch, Kindergarten concert, and Mix It Up Day

Although it was a short week, we had many opportunities to have fun and show what we've learned.

After Monday's snow day, Tuesday's recess was too much fun!
It's fine that the basketball court was covered with the white stuff!
Building snow forts

One at a time!

Fia Mosher, an Irish dancer, treated our students to a mini-performance during their lunch time this week.  Fia will offer dance lessons through our Access Program.  We hope your children shared the fun they had watching and working with Fia!
Fia prepping her group for their roles in creating a storm

Will they play the role of wind, rain, boat, thunder or waves?  So many choices.

Talking with students
Diane Burritt directed her final Kindergarten concert, as she will be retiring at the end of this year.  As always, students captured the hearts of all who attended!

Dancing to the music!

Diana playing accompaniment

Students participating were from Mrs. Hazen, Mrs. Kendrick and Miss Emily's classes

Getting ready to begin
Singing loudly for all to hear!

Mrs. West's classroom
Our second mix-it up day was a big success!  It’s heartwarming to watch our elementary and middle school students building relationships.  Partners created butterfly “venn diagrams” together, sharing those things they like that they have in common, and those things they like that highlight their individual differences.  Thanks to our Middle School Student Council School Climate committee for creating the idea and facilitating the work!
Partners enjoying the day
What do you like to do in your spare time?

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