Monday, February 13, 2017

K-5 last week

The Hundredth Day of School is such a special day for many of our students, particularly the youngest!  They are encouraged to bring in 100 of something, which supports their understanding of the magnitude of numbers (especially 100).  Our resident superhero, Zero the Hero, can be found in primary classrooms, reading books about the importance of the digit zero. This year, our MTSS-B Leadership Team prompted everyone to wear a superhero costume on that day, and we sure did have a number of excellent designs!  
Miss Natalie as a super hero.  Can you guess who she is?

Miss Natalie's class appreciating hundreds day
Joplin's class

Vasanthi's class of super heroes.  
Vasanthi's super hero costume, "Positive Person"!
 On Wednesday, Lida Winfield, a local performing artist, presented to our fifth grade students.  This was a special treat, as she doesn't usually allow students under sixth grade to see her show, which explains her life as a child with dyslexia.  The students were enthralled with her performance, hanging on each word she said!  This is part of a series of events that 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be engaged in over this month, as they become aware of the differences we all have as humans, while honoring the fact that we are more alike than we are different!

Pam's class discussing Lida's pending performance

Lida talks to students about her disability
Lida performing

A captive audience

Volunteers from our Four Winds program presenting a puppet show to Kindergarteners

Reid explaining the fish he is studying for the Under the Sea project

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