Saturday, February 18, 2017

Last Details and already prepping for E Wing

Hard to believe it but 50 years of history will come to a close next week when we wrap up our last classes ever in the open concept classrooms in the 1967 D and E Wings.   It's been an energetic week of work in the D Wing - with final pieces coming together in every room of the project.   
The new hallway - wall panels in place on one side, doors in, lights on - almost there
a wall of new cubbies just waiting to be filled with lunches, binders and books

the new learning lab - just need a couple sinks and a few other finishing touches before that first project shapes up in here

Fresh running water and a bottle fill station - just waiting for thirsty students

One of the more important rooms on each wing - also ready to go :-)
Mechanical systems are firing up and getting balanced, cubbies and other cabinetry is being installed, whiteboards and projectors are being installed, and the electronics teams are doing final installs of fire alarms, outlets and various controls.   Every day it's a changing look - moving one step closer to having teachers move in over break so that our first classes can be held on Monday March 6 right after break.  
one new classroom - with whiteboards, projector - just about ready to go!

 The halls are full of boxes as teachers get set to head for their new digs - going to be some heavy lifting over vacation in order to get 10 classrooms and 4 offices moved in just one week.  
Just one more week of classes in the E Wing before it disappears

Pieces of our literacy ready to move down into their new space with Math

Jensa hard at work Friday afternoon packing up the literacy center for the big mov

  I'm sure that those of you who have been following can really see and appreciate the new work - and even as it goes on another team is already at work prepping the E Wing for its imminent demolition - fencing to contain the project is already being installed.    Press on!
Moving the D Wing fencing to create a new border around the E Wing

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