Monday, February 20, 2017

Love our partnership with the Shelburne Craft School

Any guess what part of SCS is older than the D/E Wing that we are in the midst of updating?    For over 60 years Shelburne Community School students have been involved in some way with the Shelburne Craft School, in fact one of the primary reasons that it was formed in the first place was to provide crafts classes for the students at the community school - back when the school was located in the current Town Hall.

This great tradition continues in the form of our Thursday afternoon 8th grade Arts and Citizenship program.   During their final year at SCS, students have the special opportunity to come to craft school and engage in craft lessons that would be incredibly difficult for us to replicate on campus.   It also gives our oldest students some opportunity for independent learning - they get to choose their area of interest and interact with a true craftsman often right alongside practicing artists using the spaces for their own work.

The group that chose pottery this time just completed their raku firing, and our program coordinator Sarah Ahrens sent along these great photos of their outdoor firing.    If you'd like to see these of other works the students have created (stained glass, woodworking and wheel pottery are the primary areas this time) - mark your calendar to come by the Craft School for their Gallery opening on Thursday March 9 from 5-7 PM.  

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