Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Doors, Windows and Floors

Every morning as I've driven into work this winter I've been struck by the fact that nearly a dozen workers have driven over from NY in the dark to spend the entire day on our roof - often at temps in the single digits and in wind chills far below.   After our rain last week I was tempted to complain about the sound of heavy stepping above my head until I remembered that it was Monahan roofers breaking up the inch or so of ice that needed to be removed before they could even start their work.     Thankless work at times - and we've often been tempted to complain because it hasn't been quick enough, quiet enough, less bothersome - but as the job draws to a close this week it definitely seems like another piece of the work worth celebrating.   What a shame it would be to have this beautiful new interior ruined by a leak - glad they put in the time to do the job well!   Especially since all most of us will ever see if the new metal side flashing - here are a few shots from the team as they wrap up above our heads.  

The Monahan team at work up on the B Wing

Setting the edging around one of several new rooftop drains to solve our ongoing problem with pooling on the roof 
A replacement skylight - everything above the gym and the library ending up having to be replaced due to age and leaks
That's what we all get to see - some pretty new flashing that holds down over 100,000 sq. feet of new membrane
Inside - things continue to go as planned - steadily moving forward to get things ready for kids in just a few weeks.    Honestly the biggest challenge is finding pictures since almost as soon as something is finished it is covered up to be protected.   But we did have a disappearing wall this weekend - that's pretty unique.    If you happen to have a Winton son or daughter they likely will be glad to be done with their claustrophobic locker space finally!
Looking down that's the entrance to two new bathrooms, one classroom and our counselors office

It's probably not so impressive to show off the beautiful cardboard hallway we now have.   Trust me - that marmoleum underneath is really something :-)

I did manage to snap a couple pictures of things before they were covered - here is a look at the new flooring in the learning lab - first with the final leveler coat and then the next day with 3/4 of the marmoleum tile installed.  Of course if you stop by today - nothing but cardboard protection :-)  This is the central room where project based learning will be the focus.  

They also wrapped up alot of the flotex carpeting is just about done in the entire wing, this week the focus was in the large learning commons where team meetings and collaboration will take place.  These are looking great too!

Maybe the biggest news I can't even capture in a picture - that is that our new HVAC system was kicked on for the first time on Friday and we were able to provide heat this weekend without the piped in propane.   Mr. B will be glad to know he won't be having big galvanized pipes into his new windows as he has seen for the past few months.  

Toasty and warm inside - and soon the whole heating unit can move down to the E Wing to heat that demolition!
We also are adding doors and windows all week - fulfilling that commitment to close off those 50 year old "open" classrooms :-)   
Ms. Rich's new classroom door (wrapped of course :-)
Just a couple weeks until the big move - can't wait to share pictures of students in here and the start of E Wing demolition.  Coming soon!

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