Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prepping for E and opening up D - a week of hectic activity

Fortunately today was an unbelievable February day - since we had to endure two fire drills in order to confirm that our new alarm system worked and receive our certificate of occupancy for the new D Wing this afternoon.   That opens the door for us to begin to move in - and also allowed us to hold the first event in the new classrooms by hosting the Winton / Holden 6th and 7th grade culminating event for their Revolution Interdisciplinary unit.    Even without furniture (it doesn't arrive until Monday) - over two hundred people were able to enjoy a great collection of music, art and performances created by students around research they had completed on a variety of historical revolutions.   What a great way to open the door to our new wing - which we hope is another step on the way to our own learning revolution!    

Mr. B welcomes everyone to the new Holden Learning Commons
An instrumental performance of some revolution songs
Collection of student art in the front foyer
A talk show gathering of famous revolutionaries

A Dr. Seuss inspired revolutionary poetry sharing 
Some interesting research on the Young Turk revolution

A dramatization of characters from the Cuban Revolution

Some performance art modeling elements of revolutions

A young Fidel Castro shared a rap about his revolution

A puppet show comparing the French and Russian revolutions - complete with a guest narrator
There also were some wonderful collection of original political messages / posters inspired by the research students did on various revolutions

Meanwhile on the other end of the building - work has already begun in earnest preparing to begin the demolition of the E Wing.   Over the next week 10 classrooms will be moved into the new D Wing spaces - and as soon as that is done we seemingly go back in time to where we were in August tearing down walls and ripping up floors.    This work will be done in time for school opening in about 5 months!    

The newest road in Shelburne - some gravel access to haul out the old and bring in the new

This is where deliveries will come into the new construction zone.   

Won't be long before those windows are on their way out!
For anyone interested in seeing the new wing - we will be hosting a community open house on Tuesday March 14 at 5 PM.   This will be an opportunity to come in and see what Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our $9.25 million dollar bond have been able to create in the form of 14 new classroom spaces in both the D and the C Wing.   More info on this will be shared over the next couple weeks.     Hope to see you there!  

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