Thursday, February 23, 2017

Real Life Skills4Life

Every Friday afternoon our middle school students receive lessons in the social-emotional realm from a team consisting of our school counselor Rachel Petraska, our Student Assistance Professional Amy Sayre, our PE / Health Educator Kelly Spreen and a host of other contributors.  

Ellen and Rebecca lead a discussion with our Winton 7th grade
As part of a 7th grade unit on drugs, alcohol and addiction, Amy invited two guest presenters from the University of Vermont Medical Center Children's Hospital on February 17th.  Ellen Diego, a second year pediatric resident, and Rebecca Staub, a third year pediatric resident, have extensive experience working with adolescents in primary care clinics as well as the emergency department and hospital-based settings.  

Some fascinating information about the impact of drugs / alcohol on young brains

They provided SCS students with information about their first hand experience in treating patients hospitalized from complications of substance abuse, including overdoses.  They began their presentation talking about brain development and how it specifically relates to adolescence.    

Yes - Jean Luc Picard did show up for this lesson too :-) 

We are so appreciative of these residents taking time from their work to share with our students.  

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