Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shelburne Museum Archives welcomes Holden researchers!

As our Holden MS team continues their American Dream unit - the students were able to get their first look into the private collections at Shelburne Museum.  Here are a few pictures and quotes from the day complements of their teacher Diana Rich.

"My visit to the Shelburne Museum Research Library was really cool, and a very unique experience. Before we went the Library I thought that they were going to be very strict about letting us touch and get books out. I also thought that the books were going to just be pictures or like Diaries or something. When we went there they were normal books with typing in them, but you can tell they were pretty old. Most of the books had tinted yellow pages and had some pictures of old documents and paintings. Once I got “in the Groove” of the research, I did not want to leave. There was so many amazing sources and not enough time to look through all of them. Luckily, [my classmate] had a similar topic as me and picked out pages that will be very useful to me as well. When I get all of the things back, I will definitely have enough to work with. The hardest part is going to be choosing which evidence is going to be the best." - Petra

"During the visit to the museum’s library, I was surprised by how highly prized and secure the books were that they had, I can see why, some of the objects that they have are one of a kind." - Reid

"I think it went really well, it was interesting and I learned a lot of stuff that I might not have known otherwise." - Sophia

"I think getting to find resources in a library like that, gave me a new found love for just history in general, that’s really special to me." - Sarah

"The trip to this research library was eye opening and educated me more about the history of the state and county I live in. I found the experience amazing and can only hope for another chance to have the same wonderful experience. " - Elsa

"My experience at the library was amazing. I got to look at some old photos of Electra and her family at their house in Vermont, portraits and them in Egypt. Along with that I pulled my books and tagged what I wanted to be photocopied. I found some other books on my topic that I hadn’t even seen on the online catalog." - Eva

"I think we set a good example of students our age for the librarian." - Adam

Because of my visit to the Shelburne Museum reference library, I am now equipped with the resources that I need to do further research and make my project easier to understand. What I mean by this is that, because I am working on art and how that reflects the American dream, it is important for me not only to have pictures of the art to display, as art is a generally a visual medium in this case, but also to know when it was made and who made it, so I can research why the art had a particular tone and how that reflects the artist’s outlook on society and the American Dream. " - Isaac

If you have the chance to talk with one of our Holden 8th graders - I know they would love to share their thinking as they continue to explore the American Dream - more to come I'm sure.   

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