Friday, February 17, 2017

Some great co-curriculars this week

Doesn't matter what time I walk through SCS - it always seems like there is some amazing student learning going on.  Now I know we all expect that to happen in classrooms during the day - but this past week I was particularly struck by how often I kept finding things outside of the typical classroom.  Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:

On Tuesday during our faculty meeting time I happened to look into the library and found a crowd of students and parents intently watching presentations of some robots that they had designed over the past month.    It was fantastic to listen to them question and critique each others designs - offering supportive comments and ideas for how they could accomplish their target tasks more effectively or efficiently.   Impressive set of budding engineers for sure!

Another day I wandered through the faculty lounge and found an entire group playing with cement - this was our SKAT cement art club who has spent their last month learning to create works of art with molded cement - you'd be amazed at what they have been able to make.  

Today I happened to be walking by the gym and found an entire group wearing matching red t-shirts jumping rope in the hallway.   Definitely a bit unexpected - and turned out to be a group of students from Vernon Elementary School who have formed the Vernon Tornadoes Jumprope Team.  Our PE Teachers Mary Nelson and Jude Olson invited the team to demonstrate their impressive skills for our 3-5th graders and they even did some hands-on training with a couple of PE classes.  Fun stuff!

Then today again I found the library full of students and parents - all staring intently as one after another 30 students came forward to face the stress of spelling a word correctly as participants in our SCS Scripps Spelling Bee.    It was a tough competition - and when it was all over 7th grade Sam Kunin was crowned as our 2017 SCS Champion who will represent us at the State Spelling Bee coming up in March - congratulations Sam and to our other 29 finalists who were selected from over 150 students who took the qualifying exam last month!   

Lastly was a combined group of students I found in our new D Wing - studying the efficiency of our new windows and also filming that effort for an upcoming video production.   This was our SCS Environmental Club mixing it up with our SKAT News Club - both having a fun time learning afterschool.    How can you not love that!   

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