Saturday, February 4, 2017

Some tile and carpet brighten up the new D Wing :-)

The newest contractor to arrive on the project this week was New England Flooring - and their impact was colorful and immediate.    Over 100 feet of corridor suddenly come to life with the addition of marmoleum - especially sharp looking under the new LED lighting.   
The new corridor looking back towards the library with the entrance to classrooms on the left
NEF had a similar impact in the classrooms as they began to lay down the flotex carpeting - here is a look at one of the classrooms - with half of the flooring covered to protect it as other work continues in the wing.

What a difference a couple weeks can make - almost ready for students!
The Learning Lab is currently construction central - fitting since it will soon be the hub of all of our project based learning as well.    Here there also is a look out into the learning commons.

Some of the most important work remaining is hidden behind the walls and above the ceiling - that is the miles of wiring that will power up the wing and allow everyone to reach out from this space to the internet and beyond.   This paperwork is the guide I found on the learning lab worktable.
Either a wiring diagram or Tom Brady's plan for a hail mary
Fortunately we also have Mike's Electric and Omega Electrical working together to be sure that our data and electric connections are all set.   A bit of a maze right now as you can see. 

Here is the outgoing lines - heading to each classroom from the hub

Here's the server rack hub - soon to be pulling gigabytes of great learning into the D Wing
The bathrooms are also progressing as well as those important pieces like drinking fountains and water bottle fillers.

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If you'd like to see for yourself - our next opportunity for a walkthrough will be after the PTO meeting on Tuesday Feb 14 - should be just about done by then.     

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