Sunday, March 12, 2017

A day in the life of our new Learning Commons - 30 second timelapse video

One of the goals of our new D Wing design was to create a collaborative space where a team has the flexibility to arrange it to meet their varying needs throughout the day - this is the thinking behind the "Learning Commons".   Perhaps it opens the day as an informal gathering place where students can socialize, then shifts to hold a full team meeting of 80 students, and then throughout the day might allow a class to meet, groups to work on projects, small groups to get special support, etc.    With direct access from four classrooms - it truly can be a hub of learning.  If you take a look at this short video taken on the first day Holden moved into their space, hopefully you can see that already it's working as planned.  

Click here if you can't see Timelapse of Holden Learning Commons

There will be an informal community open house of the new D Wing at 5 PM this Tuesday March 14 - everyone is invited to come by and take a look.  

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