Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arts and Citizenship Gallery - Art and Community Service Presentations this Tuesday - 2:15

Each trimester a cohort of our eighth graders is challenged to demonstrate that they can achieve our CSSU mission of "contributing positively to their community."    We ask them to independently identify a need in a community and skills that they might have in order to help in some way.   A great example took place this past Friday when two 8th graders - Lucy and Chelsea - organized an afterschool gametime for our 4th and 5th graders.   They recruited a friend Mira to help and also found a set of adults who helped with chaperoning and organizing.    The outcome was two hours of fun that was enjoyed by 75 very energetic students - a great service to the community by itself.
Our proud organizers - great work team!
The ever popular concession stand really helped the fundraiser :-)

Thank you to our face painting artists - some great designs
"Think you can out roll us" - lots of creative gym games kept things moving
Perhaps even more important was that the real purpose for the effort was as a fundraiser for a nonprofit call RED, an organization that raises money and awareness for women and children with HIV and AIDS around the globe.  The event raised $400 that will be donated to RED.   We are all so proud of the girls' hard work and success - way to go!  

All of the 8th graders will be sharing their projects in short presentations beginning at 2:15 this Tuesday March 14 - if you are interested in hearing more just send an email to Middle School CoPrincipal Allan Miller at and I'll be happy to save you a seat.  There also will be a gallery of independent art projects created by other 8th graders here at school and with artists at the Shelburne Craft School.  

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