Monday, March 6, 2017

D Wing goes live!

Our 8 o'clock bell took on a special significance this morning, in that it marked the first time classes were held in the new D Wing.  Judging by the smiles and "wows" that abounded as students walked in, we think it is safe to say that no one was lamenting the loss of their 1967 classrooms.   Here are a few pictures from today's classes.  
Reviewing a language arts assignment in Devon Morrill's new classroom

Learning Math is Katie Stansfield's new classroom

Learning some science in Robin Halnon's new classroom 

Learning some history in Diana Rich's new classroom

Might be 10 degrees outside but with double panes it's still a cozy window seat

Plenty of room in our new hallway - and so great to see students finally here!
One warning about some upcoming posts - if you are susceptible to deja vu beware - since as I begin to share pictures from the E Wing where demolition is already underway it should look alot like what I shared all last summer and fall.    We expect that the outcome - to be complete by August - will be equally spectacular!

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